Wednesday, 30 March 2011

3B Celtic Creations

3B created these Celtic belongings. Only to have them stolen by the Romans. 3B How did that make you feel? Share your feelings in the comments underneath.
Marcus Bagacus Governor of Britannia

Route to Mrs Webb by Rhys & Holli

Forward 3 forward 1 left 90 forward 29 right 20 forward 30
forward 14 left 20 forward 10 left 30 forward 5 right 20 forward 8
back 3 right 20 forward 4 left 20 forward 9 forward 3 forward 15
forward 5 left 10 forward 3 forward 1
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My routs round the school by james matt.m casse.

First we entered the mane entrantce
Fd 23
Rt 90
Lt 90
Fd 12
we have reached the year 5 entrentce
Rt 180
Fd 23 lt 90
fd 6
rt 90
fd 20
rt 90
Send at the red bin
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Facing to hedge and going to the stepping stones room by Hollie and Rhys

Forward 5 right 30 forward 30. Ended up at stepping
stones room
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Starting at the bin facing the benches by Hollie and Rhys

Forward 26 right 30 forward 35 backwards 9 left 90 forward 2 left 90
forward 6 right 90 forward 1
Where am I?
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Our route to Mrs Webb by Rhys and Hollie.

Forward 3 forward 1 left 90 forward 29 right 20 forward 30
forward 14 left 20 forward 10 left 30 forward 5 right 20 forward 8
back 3 right 20 forward 4 left 20 forward 9 forward 3 forward 15
forward 5 left 10 forward 3 forward 1
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My routes around the school by james , matt.m and casse

fd 9
Fd 13
fd 3
fd 9
lt 90
Fd 50
bk 5
lt 90
fd 2
rt 180
Main office to dinner line
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Parents Evening by Ella

3B Experimenting with light and dark contrasts using an HB pencil

Sentences beginning with emotions
We have been writing sentences which begin with emotions. You can hear our sentences here. We have been starting with an emotion followed by finding another way to show the emotion and ending with an event or feeling.
Can you write a sentence which follows this same pattern? Abbotswood children who write sentences that follow this pattern and are published in the comments of this post will get a certificate.
Mr Bagge

Monday, 28 March 2011

Using although in a sentence
My literacy group has been working on using although in a sentence. Here are a selection of our sentences. Challenge
Write a sentence in the comments of this post with although in it. Make sure both parts of the sentence are related and contrast with each other. Although Mr Bagge swims regularly, he still can't hold his breath under water for long. Both parts of the sentence are related to swimming but the first part emphasises that I am a good swimmer and the second part suggests I might not be quite so good.


"We have learned all about magnets. Magnets stick to metal and I have learned that magnets have a S and N. S and S and N and N do not stick but when you have S and N they stick together." (P)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Abbotswood Junior school

Abbotswood Junior school
Hello my name is RC and I am going to tell you about my school . First
of all I'm going to tell you about year 3 these are the classes 3B,
3L, 3H, 3R,and 3V
My class is 3B. I enjoy being in 3B because Mr Bagge is a ict manager
and he has got 12 ipod touches and an ipad and mr jaynes is a rapper in
the band sold n mind. Now I'm going to tell you about year 4 I like
that year because they have loads of fun with magic team because they
can run it . moving on to year 5 there classes are 5W,5J,5R,and 5B
year 5 get the orputunity to go to hook court and have so much fun to
rock climbing and midnight walking . Now I'm going to talk about year
6 is amazing because you get to have a tent day a fun day and you also
get to go to kingswood . Now I'm going to tell you about the office
and the medical room the office ladies are very nice and they help the
school alot and the medical lady who works in the medical room where
if anyone gets hurt they can go to that room and get cleaned up so
there nice and clean the head of the school is mrs bunting and the two
deputy heads are mrs brockelsby and miss more.
Thanks for reading !
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Monday, 21 March 2011


• Rubbish is horrible because it will attract a million (RATS) and you know how horrible Rat's are.
• The first rubbish is harmless because all it was only useful for turning into soil.
• Then humans arrived there rubbish was harmless to.

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RUBBISH FACTS •There used to be NO! rubbish on
•Then animals came with dead leaves
•Animal droppings
•Then humans were alive
•First humans were always on the move
•They hunt animals
•Gather berries
•When time went past they thought up new objects everyday
•Humans dried animals skin for cloths
•Made tools out of stone and sticks


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Rubbish report by Daniel

•In the 1920s people horses Caryed the rubish.
•There was a disease called the black death.
•In 1297 the laws were to keep front doors clear of rubbish .

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day

Please remind yourself to bring some old toys, games & books on
Thursday and Friday the 17th and 18th march. Please bring some pocket
money on Friday 18th.
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A wibble and a wobble the jelly goes it wibbles on a plate and wobbles
of the edge and and lands on a belly.
Jelly is food it makes people want to go to the loo it's like a drink
sometimes it could pink.
Jelly can be pink,red,yellow and green I know green it's really keen.
Jelly once fell on a belly a hairy belly aswell.
By Hollie
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Ace day

Ace day

Ace day

Ace Time

Ace Time in 3B

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Hunt by Rhys

Dunn took us on a hunt and we crept silently through the tacky mud,it
was very scary when we found the deer spirit. On the way back to the
mysterious hunt Dunn gave me a perse that someone in my class dropped.
As we got back we bowed to the girls and they bowed back. The boys
went in to the freezing hut we spun sheep wool with brianna it was
great fun.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Making Slippers

My Dog

At home I have a dog. He likes chasing the Ball. On the 7th after school we
Went to the park and I threw the ball and my dog ran to catch
it then he brought it back.
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My game

I have a computer game. On the computer game you get to fly a combat
plane also you get to fight other planes. You get to choose where you
fly over I normally I fly over Southampton .As well as that you get to
choose what plane you fly in I normally I fly in a Spitfire MK1. I
enjoy playing my game and I will keep it for ever.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


They are doing jim at the moment they are doing star jumps and tuck
jump at the moment with loads of music on the Music player and Oliver
and Jarrett were being the music players . We were on mats and they
took their shoes off and Matthew explained how to do a tuck jump.


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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Life In 3B

Life In 3B

By Eve, Jack and Bethany
Life in 3B is like no other, we all stay together. Our teacher Mr Bagge is funny all the time. Some people think that school is boring,but not when you  are in 3B.Mr Bagge is very good at technology also we enjoy it as well. We also have another teacher which we will talk about!

Mr Jaynes is a rapper and he loves to mess about and play pranks on us. Mr Jaynes works on a Thursday and a Friday. Mr Bagge works Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. We do sports on Tuesday and Thursday. We have O.S.A on a Thursday and normal p.e on Tuesday. We have to read 4 times a week. Some of us read even more like 5,6 or even more like 9.
Today Larry Achike visited us we all enjoyed it when he demonstrated the triple jump.
Also people that have brought autographs books will get it signed. 3B are lucky because some classes don't get to use pencil cases but we do. You have to buy all of your own things though.

If you don't have your own pencil case then the school provide you one in the grey pots. One person on each table looks after the grey pencil pots to keep them tidy as well as put the things in the right places. On Friday we do power write and we have to get it the best we can like during the middle of the night a cunning boy arrived at the chromatic sweet shop with fragrant powders tingling his nose.

3B enjoy meeting Tom Palmer Football Author