Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Plant

I will be taking away the water by not watering it for ages.I think
that it will die because it won't get any water,it will go brown and
flop over.I will be observing the plant every 2 a day


  1. It is day 2 and the plant still looks healthy.The leaves are green and stretching towards the light.It's 9cm tall and the biggest leaf is 6cm long.

  2. some of the plant is wilting but there is a small flower bud growing.The plant is now 7cm tall,the largest leaf is now 6cm long.the bottom leaves have wilted the most.

  3. My plant is't looking that good now but I think taking away the water was a great idea.The pot is lighter in weight as the water has evaporated. The plant is 7.5cm tall because the flower bud has grown.All the other leaves look dead.


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