Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Writing a description of our classroom

Children worked in pairs to write a powerful sentence describing our classroom. We have combined these to go on this blog. Our next task on Monday, for some of the class, will be to edit/improve this as a whole. We will publish some of these on the blog.

The door shows you the delicious lunches and the Abbotswood School behaviour code. (Emily F & Lilly) The brown rough floor waits calmly for excited children to sit on it. (Emily R F & Danielle) The old murky green rubbish filled cupboard, with bags and shoe boxes on top, waits calmly. (Rhys & Jarret) The smooth desks wait for children to come and work on them. (Matthew & James) The colourful plastic balloons stuck on the wall wait silently for the children to return to school. (Hollie & Bethany) The substantial Maths display lights up the classroom with all its impressive sums. (Seb & Daniel) On the cream wall the chromatic VCOP super heroes eagerly wait to be needed in power write and power discussion in all their unique poses. (Eve & Lenny) We have behaviour frogs which are grassy green, sunny yellow and fiery red. (Fleur & Jade) Mr Bagge’s desk has one laptop and one computer some tissues and a photograph on it. (Ella & Joshua)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Leaf Descriptions

This week we have been writing and improving leaf descriptions.
Myebook - Shape Poems by 3B - click here to open my ebook

Calligram Ebook

This ebook contains a collection of class 3B one word calligrams.
Myebook - 3B Calligrams - click here to open my ebook

Calligram Poems

Image created by Jack